Fee Schedule
Share Account Fees
 Master Share Minimum Balance
$5.00/ Month if the minimum is not maintained
 Business Checking Accounts $5.00/Month
 Christmas Club Withdrawal $10.00/Withdrawal if before October 15
 Share Draft Account Fees  
 Overdraft  $5.00/Item
 NSF  $30.00/Item
 Stop Payment  $10.00/Request
 Share Draft Printing  Prices may vary depending upon style
 Copy of Cleared Draft  $5.00/Item
 On-us Check Cashing (Non-Members)  $5.00/Item
 Other Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)  
 Account Reconciliation  $10.00/Half-hour
 Account Research  $10.00/Half-hour
 Statement Copy  $2.00/Copy
 Foreign Check Deposited  $20.00/item - US Funds, $30.00/item,  Non-US Funds
 Deposited Item Return  $7.00/Item
 Wire Transfer (Outgoing)  $20.00/Transfer, $30.00 - International
 Money Order  $.75/MoneyOrder
 Official Check
 $1.50/Check payable to second party
 Inactive Account  $1.00/Month, after 1 year
 Account Closure  $10.00 if closed within 6 months
 Invalid Address  $5.00/Notification from post office
 Replacement ATM Card  $10.00/Card
 Stop Pay Official Check  $10.00/Item
 Debit Card Annual Fee  $10.00
 Replacement Debit Card  $10.00/Card
 Daily Outgoing Cash Limit  $10,000,00/Account
 Excess Outgoing Cash Fee  $1.00/$1,000.00 (does not apply to first $10,000.00)
Share Value/Membership Fee  
 Par Value of One Share $25.00
 Membership $5.00

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